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Types of Membership

CCA is committed to advancing the body of knowledge of the compensation field through educational seminars, member forums, regular publications, networking opportunities and related activities and services.

Make CCA a part of your commitment to your profession.

Annual membership is based on your anniversary date at the following rates:

  • $95.00 for a Regular Membership (practitioner, consultant or educator) - fee includes attendance at events, although registration is still required.
  • $500.00 for Corporate Membership – members from the same company receive seven (7) regular memberships (Best Value - a savings of 25%)
  • 1st year free; $45.00 per year after first year for a Student Membership (Proof of enrollment in undergraduate or graduate program required, as well as enrollment in compensation or HR-related course. When completing the application, you will be asked to e-mail or fax proof of enrollment and current class schedule to CCA.) Fee includes attendance at monthly events, although registration is still required.

For more information, send your e-mail to