Member Profile Overview
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How do you login and control your profile?

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot the Password" link on the login page. Once you log in, please change your password to something you will remember and be sure to review and update your unique profile.

Please note: all members and nonmembers must log in to the site to register for events, conferences and webinars.

Member Profile Home Page

When you log in to the CCA website, you will land on your Member Profile Home page.  Select My Profile.

On the right side of the Member Profile page are quick links to get you to various components in your Member Profile. Below is information about each of these components. Those that require additional instructions will have information located in other How To pages.

Photo – you can upload your photo by clicking on the Photo box and selecting Add Photo.

My Feed (My Connect)  – similar to Facebook, you or others can write on or post to your Wall.

My Profile -  you may update the About section to complete your profile. Addition instruction can be found on the Member Login and Renewal How To page.

Directory - We know that the CCA Membership Directory feature is one of the great benefits to our members. In the new system, there are some great new options for you. Each member can determine where their information shows up. You can select Private or Members Only. So, if you want your city and location to show up, but not your address line, you can now make that selection. Please note that if you do not select Members Only on an item, you will not return on that search for any member search. If you make your city/state private and a member puts your city/state, you will not show up.

Messages - The CCA website has its own online message system. You can send and receive messages to/from other CCA members and Groups that you are a member of. You can edit your Messaging settings in Preferences. In Preferences, you may set a number of Preferences regarding your Group settings. You can select to receive updates when events are added, a new member joins and many more.

Connections - Connections are similar to LinkedIn where you can create a circle of CCA members that you would like to network with. To edit your Connections, select Connection from the top navigation menu and then select Manage Connections. Check out all your available connections and start connecting and engaging.

Groups – There are several CCA Groups that you may be a member of divided. These groups are separated into two categories: Content Areas/Interests and Geographic Areas. Several groups reside within each of these categories.  To join a group is easy!  On the right side of the Group page, find the Available Groups.  Select the group you would like join and click + Join Group.  That's it.

Quick Links - links to the most used website pages.