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A word on certification from WorldatWork….

WorldatWork understands that expired exams can be a barrier for completing certification for some.  We understand this can be demotivating when driving toward certification. In the spirit of helping members achieve their goal to become certified, thru the end of 2020, WorldatWork will be honoring any expired exams that have already been successfully completed provided certification is finished by December 31, 2020. 

Waiving expired exams

  • Many people have taken certification course exams that are older than 8 years
  • Historically, these exams would be “expired” and the individual would have to retake them toward initial certification
  • In 2020, we will waive the exam expiration (assuming they passed)
  • The expectation is, they will continue on their path to earning their complete certification.
  • Contact [email protected] for an individual analysis of how you may benefit from this initiative.