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Help Shape the Future of Your
Compensation Association!

The Chicago Compensation Association needs your help in shaping the future of the Association and of its members! Your Association thrives and survives based upon the work of many volunteers. While CCA brings programs, education, and services to our members, we believe it can be better.

To make it better, we need your help. Consider becoming a member of one of CCA’s active committees. Your time investment can help determine the direction, purpose, and value that CCA brings to you and all of its members. We would love to hear from you and have you join one of these dynamic groups.

Simply click here to send an e-mail to CCA, being sure to tell us on which committee you would like to serve. The committee chair will contact you regarding your interest and availability.

Membership Development

Want to be part of a team that helps the Association grow and prosper? Feel that you can expand the mission, vision and values of CCA? Have a passion for all things web-based? Want to help recruit and retain members? Then this is the Committee for you. Bring your creative side and have some fun. Please select this link for more details on this committee.


Be a part of the team that develops and implements the Association’s monthly and annual programs. If you have great ideas for programs that would be of interest to your fellow members, this is the place for you. Come help frame the Association’s membership offerings. Please select this link for more details on this committee.

Compensation Experts Forum

The purpose of the Forum Committee is to provide the opportunity for manager‐level compensation professionals who work for member firms to meet and discuss compensation‐related topics, to share ideas and to networks. This team organizes twice‐annual Forum meetings. Please select this link for more details on this committee.


A critical source of professional data, speakers, and financial support comes from CCA’s sponsors. Come help develop sponsorship opportunities and facilitate a positive, ongoing partnership with our sponsors. Please select this link for more details on this committee.